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Restoration and Conservation Project

At the conclusion of the public process in 2015, design teams were chosen in order to upgrade the Independence Hall Museum's structure.

Architects, Uri Glazer and Nili Master, were selected for the process. Both are experts in building preservation and both took part in the initial renovation of the museum entrance in 2012.

For the Design Team, the company Tachana L'Itzuv was chosen- with experience in the production of museum exhibitions. The Planning committee is working in conjunction with the Curator, Dr. Nirit Shalev-Kahliffa, who is responsible for the curation of materials for the museum. Shalev-Kahliffa has made connections with important relevant collectors who hold some of the treasures relating to the Establishment of the Jewish State and the ceremony of Independence.

The project management company, Tafnit-Wind , is run by Shimon Kornfeld. Kornfeld is personally responsible for moving the process along including: registration with the local authorities, engineering and construction, and establishment of the exhibition.

Additionally, a team of professional consultants were picked to advance the preservation plan.

סקיצה קרל רובין

Karl Rubin's sketch of the house, 1935