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A New Plan was Approved for Preservation of the House

Local committee Tel Aviv-Yaffo approved a new plan for restoration of Independence Hall museum on 18.5.2016

The new plan, promoted by the state of Israel due to the Independence Hall Law, will allow preservation and renovation of the existing building in accordance with the city's preservation plan. During the project, added parts that were built over the years will be removed, and the structure will go back to its original form in the day of the declaration of independence ceremony, 1948. The house will become an active museum in all of its floors, including access for the disabled. The new museum will become the new but natural home for the declaration scroll.

In parallel to this effort, the Beit Ha'atzmaut Law was legislated in 2009. The law regulates the status of the house as a national asset with great importance to the history of the nation and the state. The building will be used for a permanent exhibition for the benefit of the public regarding the declaration of independence and the declarations scroll, the history of the people of Israel and the land of Israel, alongside the lifework of Meir Dizengoff.

Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yaffo Mr. Ron Chuldaie - "Approving and promoting the preservation plan of Independence Hall in 16 Rothschild BLVD. is an important step and a proper respect for Dizengoff, for his house and also making it a magnet, as befits such an important and historic place. Tel Aviv municipality had provan in the last few years its ability in the restoration, renovation maintenance of historical structures in the city, such as Bialik's house, the old city hall, 'Hatachana' and Sarona"