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Beit Hatanach (Bible Museum)

In 1973 the government of Israel gave the three-storey building to the management of Beit Hatanach which was appointed by the Israel Society for Biblical Research as manager of the building.

It was designed to serve as a museum and an educational center for the dissemination of knowledge and the love of the Bible, manifesting the ties between independence in our times and the independence of Israel in ancient times.

The museum displays permanent exhibits that depict the days of our forefathers, and the judges, kings, prophets and the Maccabees. The display also includes temporary exhibits of painting, sculpture and photography related to biblical scenes, Judaism and Eretz Israel. Beit Hatanach houses a rich library of books and films on biblical topics.

The Beit Hatanach management established the Dizengoff study group, which offers monthly lectures devoted to Tel-Aviv and the contribution of the Dizengoffs to Tel-Aviv. An annual memorial takes place on the 7th day of Tishrei, the anniversary of the death of the first mayor.

Beit Hatanach offered regular lectures on the relationship between the Bible and the independence of Israel, and study tours of the Land of the Bible; it provides assistance to young Bible lovers before the World Bible Contest, and offers grants for high school students writing their final assignment and those creating artistic works on biblical topics. In addition, it runs a publishing house devoted to books on biblical themes, and operates the World Center of the Bible that publishes the Beit Mikra quarterly.

בית התנ"ך 1973