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The Friday That Changed Destiny - A New Book

The book deals with Israel`s Declaration of Independence (14.05.1948) & describes the ceremony that took place at the Independence Hall.

Author and editor of the book is Dr. Mordechai Naor, a known writer and researcher of the land of Israel.

The book was published by Yehuda Dekel’s Library, The Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, (SPIHS), and Independence Hall.

The book deals with a wide range of issues related to Israel state establishment & announcement:

Memories of the 37 signatories and their biographical information, disclosure behind the scenes of the signing ceremony, what happened across the country over that fatal weekend, The story of Dizengoff House - the house where the ceremony took place, the Declaration of Independence across the years, and more.

The book features many photos and documents.

Price - ₪  99.

You can purchase the books, at a discount price at Independence hall in the Shalom Mayer Tower. 

שישי הגדול באנגלית לבן